Biotech Journalism Panel Series Part 1: Where Do You Get Your Local Life Science News?


In anticipation of our Biotech Journalism event Monday, we’re providing resources related to San Diego life science communication tagged here with #SDScicomm (also the hashtag for the event). Over the five years since the SDBN’s creation, we’ve seen a lot of changes such as the SDUT’s acquisition of the North County Times, the rising popularity of news organizations such as Xconomy, and more local companies starting blogs. Keeping in touch with the local life science news is important for many reasons: to learn about advances, funding, jobs, and events. We cover many sources in our news feeds, which you can subscribe to, and we’ve also created a Facebook interest group you can follow. If you have another news source, contact us and we’ll add it. Also, encourage your organization to provide more news and information online, preferably with an RSS feed, as this is how we combine them into a single source. Share news and events with your colleagues and friends too, this helps science in the region gain more visibility.

So, tell us, which of news sources do you use? Comment below!

San Diego Biotech News Sources

Institution Resource Links
Accelrys Blog URL
Allele Biotech Blog URL,RSS
Assay Depot Blog URL,
Biocom Event Calendar URL
BioSpace* News URL
Genomeweb* News URL, RSS
Illumina Blog URL,RSS
Life Technologies Blog URL, RSS
Salk Institute Event Calendar URL (mailing list)
Salk Institute News RSS
San Diego Business Journal News URL
San Diego Biotechnology Connection News URL,RSS
San Diego Union Tribune News URL,RSS
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Blog URL,RSS
SDBN News, Event Calendar URL,RSS (feeds)
The Scripps Research Institute News RSS
Trilink Biotechnologies Blog URL,RSS
Xconomy News URL,RSS

*Requires filtering for San Diego news.

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  1. Nice list Mary, thanks for putting it up! I would add one more – the “Fierce” web group. The link is their biotech page, but they also have medical device and pharma pages too. Like Biospace, though, you’d have to do a search for San Diego for local specifics. I found out from them that CovX was being closed before the UT reported it, in fact.

  2. Thanks Andrew I will add it. When we created the news feed, FierceBiotech was sometimes reposting other articles which created duplicates, so it dropped out. They have a lot of great content, you are right!

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