SDBN BUZZ Podcast: The Fleet Science Center Mission Goes On Even in a Pandemic

As we shelter in place in the midst of a pandemic, the world waits for science to rescue us with testing, treatments and/or a vaccine. But how do we get more people to connect with the power of science on a regular basis?

That’s the mission of The Fleet Science Center. Steve Snyder is the CEO of “The Fleet” and was kind enough to join me and describe how that mission is executed even as the center itself is closed due to shelter in place orders.

What you may not know is that there are programs throughout the county ongoing all the time.

One of the themes is letting the audience drive the conversation – meeting them where they are. What do people want to know? As opposed to “Here’s what you need to know about X.”

The conversation drives home the need for science communication. A highlight is the program, “Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar…” where once a month 2 scientists are available at about 25 bars and breweries around town just to talk about whatever they might be curious about.

Wouldn’t it be great if every kid growing up knew a scientist? Steve thinks that, in San Diego, it’s possible. And imagine what kind of transformation could happen if we stopped actively excluding more than half the population from participating in science. Steve shared a story of how that is still happening and how we can change that.

The Fleet Science Center